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The Koistinen Family Association (registered in Finland) is a contact forum for all members of the Koistinen family. The association organises annual family meetings and collects genealogical material. It publishes information bulletin “Koistinen” (available only in Finnish).

Koistinen is an old Finnish family name. The first existing records of taxation in the province of Savo mentions four brothers or cousins (Henrich, Staffan, Nicolas and Anders Koistinen) living in Rantasalmi around 1540’s, but the family was already known in the Middle Ages. Nowadays there are over 4 000 persons using the family name Koistinen in Finland and some hundreds abroad.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Esko Koistinen

tel. int.+358-40 521 4124

e-mail esko.koistinen (AT)